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Here is where you will find all sorts of stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else...
check out my first book, published in 1984.

The Exhibitionists Are, 2003-2005, A documentary film about The Exhibitionists Women’s Art Salon artist collective, Produced by Without Papers Productions, Filmed by Luigi Di Castro and Santino Di Renzo, http://www.exhibitionists-nyc.com/docu/TEA-Bios.html

Womanifesto.com, Procreatio/Postcreation: Womanifesto 2003, Limited edition book and website, Launched November 11, 2003, Coordinated by Varsha Nair.


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June Cleaver With A Cleaver

Good Housekeeping



Apparently, Guy Picciotto of Fugazi sent the band The Rum Diary my postcard:
how f***ing cool is that?

My painting, "Bridge," can be found on this blog in the middle of Melungeon research...who, if I recall, are similar to the 'Jackson Whites' of Mahwah.


This is an image on a bathroom stall at SugarMom's in Philadelphia. It was in the ladies room. A friend was kind enough to find and document this testament:

If it's written on the bathroom walls, it MUSt be true!