Blog Feature


I am delighted to have been featured on the WonderMart's Blog!

Emily Bicht is a multi-disciplinary artist with over 20 years of creating under her belt. Her works encompass a variety of mediums including painting, printmaking, and ceramics to explore identity, belonging, and the tension between desire and reality; often set in the domestic space. 

Many thanks to Lauren Campbell and Perri Salka for the generous opportunity and wonderful conversation!

Upcoming Markets

It's time to make space in the studio for new work! Follow me on Instagram, where I'll be posting items for sale. You can always contact me directly regarding specific pieces or commissions. 


I'm looking forward to participating in the the 2021 Outdoor Art Show & Music Festival, returning this September!

September 11-12, 2021
Gallery North, Inc.
90 North Country Road,
Setauket, NY 1173








I'm so grateful for a week-long residency at arts letters & numbers up in Averil, NY in late July. I'm looking forward to uninterrupted studio time and long hikes. 

Embracing the lifted restrictions on shared space, we open our doors to a new chapter of our residency programming. Join us at the upstate NY campus for an immersive retreat . A large Victorian home, a big white barn and a textile mill turned studio space await your creative practice. Away from the distractions of life, surrounded by woods, hiking and lakes this is a perfect place to spend a couple of weeks or even your whole summer. As a part of a creative community you can choose to focus on a solo project, or embrace the opportunity to explore collaborations with your fellow residents.


They are still accepting applications.